Dog Pack Collars

Rewards Program


We LOOOVE our returning customers and you deserve a belly rub!  

Thank you for continuing to support and encourage our handmade business!


Bow Ties: 1 point

Flowers: 1 point

Name Tags: 2 points

Collars: 3 points

Bandanas: 3 points

Matching Collar and Bandana: 4 points

Leash: 5 points



*Must sign up for rewards program. You can do so at the bottom of this page.


*Only 1 reward may be applied to an order at a time. A rewards customer may choose to save or use their points when they wish.


*Rewards cost points. Customers total number of points are subtracted by cost of Reward in points.


*Points earned at time of purchase cannot be used at for the current order. They must be used for future orders.


Example: If customer has 8 points he/she may use their 8 points for a 15% off code and remains with 0 points after use. OR they may save their points to use in the future for rewards worth higher points.



@ 8 points ~ 15% off code


@ 12 points ~ 20% off code


@ 16 points ~ Free shipping code


@ 20 points ~ 1 free item of your choice


@ 28 points ~ A free collar or bandana and name tag


@ 32 points ~ A free matching collar, bandana, and leash set

Please read through the rules section before signing up. 

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