Dog Pack Collars



Hi! My name is Megan and I am the owner and creator of the Dog Pack Collars. 

It all started with my pups Darrow and Holly. My husband and I were living in Kansas City, Missouri for work and was decided it was time to start our FUR family. We went to the local humane society and found our first pup Darrow. 3 months later we decided he needed a friend, so we went and adopted Holly!

 I got pretty into being a dog mom and really wanted their collars to be cute, festive for the holidays, and match of course! I had a hard time finding this and even a harder time finding cute collars that were DURABLE! 

I love to make everything and anything so I got to work! 

With our pups decked out in mom made gear I started sending collars and items to our families dogs/the dogs my husband and I grew up with, then our friends pups, and  suddenly the business had really taken off!

Long story short. I make by hand all our products with cute/festive locally sourced cotton fabric that I lay on top of 600 pound tinsel strength waterproof nylon webbing.  All our products are tested by a HUGE pack of dogs that rang from pullers on the leash to swimmers in the ocean!


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